Operating System

An operating system is one of the most important components of a computer. It serves as a foundation for all other applications to be installed on. It comes under the category of system software and basically caters to the most fundamental needs of the computer. Without an operating system, a computer is blank because it lacks the immediate software to execute its tasks which in turn, renders the computer to be useless.read our latest post at http://www.bluenetsoftech.com/information-technology/ for more information.

The operating system basically gives the user a virtual interface to communicate with the computer and command it to carry out different tasks. As the user cannot understand binary language, the operating system serves as a bridge of communication by telling the user what the computer is saying and the computer what the user is saying. These days, it is easy to find a good operating system due to many good software brands.

As the field of software is constantly evolving, there has been a healthy response from the software development companies. Namely, those that deal in system software like Microsoft Inc which has firmly established itself into the business by being probably the world’s leading computer Software Company. The first operating system from Microsoft was launched in 1982 and from that time onwards the interface has gone through a great change that has totally changed the way computers are being used.

We can take an example of the all new windows 8 that has made its mantle as being one of the most user friendly operating systems of today. It features optimal compatibility with laptops, desktops and even tablets. Basically, the focal point of this release is tablet PCs or other various touch devices, so we can deduce that Windows 8 is oriented for touch screens rather than desktop or laptop computers. Speaking of the developments of Windows 8, a review shows that Microsoft has laid special emphasis on the speed of its start up. With a much faster start up time, it has become one of those characteristics that make it desirable to users.read our source for more updates.

Another very prominent change that we can see is the new and uniquely designed home screen. The design is innovative and can accommodate various widgets; be it news or the daily temperature. This can count as another plus point in the new version of Microsoft’s operating system as one way or the other, it involves the user into it.

operating system

Microsoft has also shed some light upon its search function and has managed to produce one that is quicker, stronger and efficient. The update now carries out a refined search which can even be carried out to find something in applications as well. To enhance user convenience, there is also a ‘Windows to go’ feature that basically allows the user to shift all his personalized settings in a storage device and plug it in on another computer that has Windows 8 already installed. Your settings are now on the go and the experience of Windows 8 can be enjoyed everywhere. A piece of info or article on ‘Windows to go’ can be read on the internet to get you more familiar with its properties and functions.

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