Definition of Information System

The Definition of information system is diverse and can be viewed in several ways

  1.  A system used to organize and store for future reference all the channels of data working within an organization. The methods, in addition to those records, are established in order to identify, assemble as well as to analyze the several data entities. The system can also calculate and classify the transactions and those events that can affect an entity. The information system is maintained designed to specifically distinguish between assets as well as liabilities, revenues and for the expenditures. See other definition at


  1. It is an organized and wonderful collection, storage form and for the presentation system of data and for the reasoning and for the other knowledge. It can be used for the purpose of decision making, progress reporting, planning and evaluation of programs. It can be used as either working as manual or as well computerized, or we can say that it is a combination of both.

information systems

  1. Information system may also mean an interconnected and interlinked set of information that is handled and delivered under the same direct management control that shares the same and common functionality of this system. These types of system normally include hardware, software, information, data, applications, communications, and the people. It can also be defined as the system of combination of hardware, software, infrastructure and trained personnel organized that works for the development of a unit program and that can also facilitate planning, control, maintained coordination, and organized decision making.


  1. Another definition of information systems are the means through which people and organizations search for usable technologies, for the purpose of gathering information, processing and storage, use and dissemination of the given information.


  1. The Definition of information system could also involve the study of those theories and practices that are related to the social and the technological phenomena, which investigates the development, purposes use and also the effects of the information technology system in the organizations the same society in which we are living. Information technology emphasized great stress on the development and authority working for the same measurement. The technology has laid great foundation in research methodologies by fulfilling the same demands that are laid beyond the development of this information technology.


  1. Definition of information system, also called (IS) is any combination or mixture of information technology, and people’s performing activities by using that technology in order to support operations the management and also their decision-making in a very broad sense. The related term Definition of information system is frequently used to deal with the interaction between people and the algorithmic processes that is data and technology. In this regard the term not only determined and refers not the information and communication technology but it is an organization for the uses, by which people interact with this technology in order to support the business processes. Read this post for more details.

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